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LLC «Rosgeoperspektiva» has the representatives: in the Kyrgyz Republic – LLC «Kyrgyzgeoperspektiva» and in the Republic of Kazakhstan – «Dzhetygarinsky Mining Company» LLP, they have all types of licenses for mining and geological exploration. Both companies have the most up-to-date drilling equipment and tools, and they are held in high estimation and confidence among customers.

LLC «Kyrgyzgeoperspektiva»

Kyrgyzstan takes an important place in strategic long-term plans of LLC «Rosgeoprespektiva», now in the Kyrgyz Republic the joint subsidiary company – the «Kyrgyzgeoperspektiva»  limited liability company-  is created. It is the taxpayer in the Kyrgyz Republic.  Experts from Russia and Kyrgyzstan work at the enterprise.

LLC «Kyrgyzgeoperspektiva» has started geological exploration of «Unkurtash» gold ore deposit. Drilling is carried out on RC technology (drilling with the reverse circulation) in the high land of Dzhalalabadsky area.

Contacts: Bishkek city, Profsoyuznaya St., 43. Director Rakaev Azamat Akilbekovich Tel.: 8-10-996555994941, 8-10-996312961919

«Dzhetygarinsky Mining Company» LLP

 «DGRK» LLP is founded on basis of one of the oldest geological enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Dzhetygarinsky geological survey expedition. It is subsidiary company and represents interests of LLC « Rosgeoperspektiva» in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Execution of geological exploration is carried out by own services of the enterprise: geological, geophysical, hydrogeological and drilling.

 «DGRK» LLP has production infrastructure which completely provides execution of geological exploration in any conditions. The enterprise hаs own drilling equipment stock completed with the  tool of the Canadian company Boart Longyear, motor vehicle park, production and repair base, measuring equipment and the equipment necessary for field operations.

 «DGRK» LLP executes both a full complex, and some certain types of geological exploration. Specialists of our enterprise solve problems on geological study of a subsoil of the Republic of Kazakhstan at any stage of geological exploration at the high professional level.

Contacts: Republic of Kazakhstan, Kostanaj region, Zhitikara city, Shahterov St 34. Director: Kravcov Aleksej Alekseevich. Tel.: 8-10-7143520550

LLC «Voronezh drilling company»

LLC «Voronezh drilling company» is representative of «RosGeoPerspektiva» group of companies in Voronezh region. Currently «Voronezh drilling company» executes geological exploration works on the Sorokinskiy filed in Novokhopersk area.

Contacts: Voronezh city, 60 Army St., 21. Director Chudinov Aleksey Viktorovich. Tel.: 8 (473) 280-10-39, 8 (904) 210-07-43

«Rosgeoperspektiva» company representative in Republic of Uzbekistan.

Geological services provision expansion within the territory of Republic of Uzbekistan is an integral part of strategic and long-range plans of LLC «Rosgeoperspektiva». Due to this fact, in May 2014 company representative in Uzbekistan has been registered, representative office is located in Tashkent.

Representing the interests of the company, at the present time representative makes market research, search of prospective customers, creation of promotional event and also setting up the local company for providing the services in the sphere of exploratory and hydrogeological drilling and future investment opportunities study.

CONTACTS: Tashkent city, Mirobod St, 9-A. Director Muratov Timur Tomovich. Tel.: +99871 2567871