Telephone number in Chelyabinsk:
+7 (351) 265-90-61


JSC «Polymetal» - the leading Russian company on the gold extraction and production, one of the world's largest silver manufacturer.

BHP Billiton - exploration works on the Alkatvaamsky field of coals, the Chukotka Autonomous District, Russia.

HIGHLAND GOLD MINING - one of the largest gold mining groups of companies of Russia.

JSC «Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant» (JSC CZP) - the vertically integrated company in which the full fabrication cycle of metal zinc production is provided: starting from production and ore beneficiation to finished-product output in the form of the high-grade zinc and zinc-base alloys.

The Altyntau group of companies (JSC «Vasilkovsky GOK») is the largest in Kazakhstan in the sphere of gold production and processings and consists of the Head company "Altyntau Resources", and subsidiary companies - "Altyntau Kokshetau" in Akmolinsky area and "Altyntau Vostok" in the East Kazakhstan area.

LLC «UMMC» (Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company) - UMMC integrates in one technological chain the enterprises of a mining, metallurgical, metalworking complex, and also the building industry, located in Russia.

CJSC «Boksity Timana» (Timan bauxite) – «Boksit Timana» enterprise develops a large bauxite deposit, 90% reserves of this deposit can be got by opencast mining due to favorable mining and hydrological conditions.


CJSC «North Pacific Coal Company» – exploration works on the Amaamsky  coal deposit, the Chukotka Autonomous District, Russia. Prospect evaluation survey on the Stakhanov hardrock gold mineralization, the Magadan region, Russia.


LLC «Uralskoye zoloto» («Ural gold») - production of ores and precious metals sand (gold, silver and platinum group metals).


LLC «Hromity Urala» (Ural  chromites) - non-ferrous metals ores production and beneficiation , except uranium and thorium ores; iron ores production and beneficiation.