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Geophysical service

Geological service of the enterprise includes the geophysical group having in service:

  1. Logging systems mounted on motor vehicle ZIL-131, Ural, Uaz-452. Depth of researches - to 1000м (at the customer request , the depth of researches can be increased to 2000м by logging cable extension);
  2. Set of the logging equipment allows to carry out the geo-physical well logging complex including the following methods:
  • Gamma ray logging.
  • Directional surveys.
  • RS (resistivity logging), SP (spontaneous polarization), SCL (sliding contact logging).
  • Flowmeter measurement.
  • Caliper log measurements.
  • Selective gamma-gamma logging, gamma-gamma density logging.
  • Acoustic logging.
  • Lateral current logging.
  • Lateral current scanning logging (tilt measurement of layers and cracks).
  • Resistivimetry, heat flow survey.
  • Magnetic logging (Za, Нx, Hy measurement, , including magnetic susceptibility logging, and also simultaneous  well three-dimensional position measurement– slope angle and magnetic azimuth).

Logging equipment application:

  • The available directional equipment allows to measure well deviation without conductor pipes with slope angle from 0 to 180 degrees, either on points, or in a mode of the continuous record.
  • In the wells, where there are magnetic materials (conductor pipes or magnetic rocks), measurements are taken by a gyroscopic inclinometer  at an angle of 30 to 90 °to the horizon.
  • Electrical logging methods  (RS, SP, Lateral current logging, SCL) are used for searches and sulphide ores  finding, graphites and coals, and also for hydrogeological and engineering-geological researches.
  • Flowmeter measurement, caliper log measurements, heat flow survey and resistivimetry are used in case of hydrogeological and engineering-geological researches.
  • The method of natural gamma radiation is applied to lithological identification and radioactivity rocks characterization, the gamma measurement of drill-hole cores on a surface by means of the SRP-88 instrument is possible as well.
  • Gamma-gamma density logging is used for rock density measurement in natural occurrence, selective gamma-gamma logging is applied to rocks effective atomic number determination, both these methods are radioactive, that’s why for their  application there is a license for work with radioactive substances.
  • The acoustic method is successfully used for failed rocks determination.
  • Lateral scanning logging approves itself for determination of slope angle of cracking and an inclination of layers. The equipment has the built-in directional survey tool which allows to determine parameters of cracking and layers with the abnormal resistance, their inclination and magnetic azimuth with high accuracy in the continuous mode.

All geophysical equipment is regularly checked according to operating standards.

Logging works are performed both in the territory of Russia, and in neighboring countries.

Logging stations are regularly updated by the hi-tech equipment of domestic and import production.

The equipment is adapted and checked in practice using in combination with import drilling equipment.

The equipment used during works is domestic and digital, results of works  are digital files of a las-format, later processing is carried out with use of the programs Solver, WinLog, etc.

The thermoplotter is used for prompt data printout.

Final results are given in the form of primary (field) las-files and passports of the wells, printed on a continuous paper in a format on the Customer request.

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